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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 4, 2016 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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he gives several billion dollars, we take the position unless you monetize it we don't count it, we held that for everybody. stuart: where is he on the 400 list? >> about 150. >> not bad, thank you. it is yours. neil: thank you, the number two chance to shine on the number one and help out in the process. all this at a time some polls indicate this could be sliding away from donald trump, if his running mate and for the most part you can
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describe this, and vice presidential candidate to attack the other party's nominee. and kelly and conway, trump campaign manager, they -- feisty tonight, that is the way they see it. to make tim kane to recover from policy positions in the area of foreign policy the hillary clinton stands for and has stood for in the past, and he said he could talk a fool 90 minutes tonight the entirety of the debate on hillary clinton's foreign policy positions and decisions. for the clinton campaign the campaign manager on the clinton side said they want to use tim kane to make mike penn's account for the positions especially more controversial positions
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donald trump stands for and the more bombastic statements he has made in the past and say they want mike pence to answer yes or no, do you agree on whatever issue it may be, what donald trump has said and do you agree on whatever the issue may be on what donald trump believes. that is how the two campaigns are approaching this tonight. you can look at it this way, the clinton campaign manager pointeded out vice presidential debates the litmus test in the event of it is in this case what do they stand for, how do they backup. the top of the ticket. neil: looking forward to going back and forth all day, all
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night long. here we are, i know what you are thinking, the kind of ratings we saw, and $80 billion, got a record for vice president goes back to sarah palin or joe biden, opening up. and it was an aggressive give and take. and the ratings record. and and and you are competing with that. and they were competing with it.
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hard to say, hard to gauge that later on. and last but not least, independent winnings forum, and bill clinton, closing a little bit, the affordable care act, and causing a lot of problems for hillary clinton. >> small business people and they make too much subsidies. they are not organized, don't have any bargaining power with insurance companies and you have a crazy system where 25 million people have healthcare and 60 hours a week, lined up with
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premiums doubled and coverage in half. it is the craziest thing in the world. neil: he was really talking about the frustration. and he was not damning the thing, but wasn't exactly praising it. >> obamacare having a lot of problems. it is not a big ritual on the campaign trail. donald trump has never made healthcare a major policy issue, doesn't have a well-defined placement for the affordable care act, talks about repeal and replace, what we know since obamacare was litigated in the past, voters don't like that, when republicans talk about repealing and replacing, what they do to make the system
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finally work. and it doesn't do republicans any good, in a presidential election if they drive it from day one and make it regular part of your sub speech you can't show up when there is a problem and say it is horrible, i will fix it and have voters gravitate toward you. stuart: another issue is the republican plan, trump plan to jump this and start scratch, with millions signed on, to bill clinton's point tens of millions are paying a lot higher insurance premiums as a result, you are well along in this process, how do they advocate for those who are paying so much for something they are not paying nearly as much for until this came into being. >> i do agree with bill clinton who offered an accurate summary of obamacare but it important for republicans including donald trump to point out is flawed is obamacare is hillary clinton absolution to add a so-called
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public option to obamacare double down on the bad ideas that it is a bad idea government should be in charge of healthcare and health insurance so the bottom line is republicans have to offer a better vision for health reform but also have to point out we could be at risk of learning the wrong lesson here. >> it is not speaking politically, very good for democrats, millions signed up before. mostly democratic voters. in the meantime they have to wrestle with the fact there are tens of millions more seeing dramatic spikes in their premiums and won't be happy campers. how does that split up to you? >> probably right about some politics but to your previous
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comments, this is why hillary clinton proposed the public option was one thing the public option would do is inject more competition. time out, it is fair competition. if they can't compete with the government, the best governments, medicare, the best medicare system in the world, hold on a second, hold on a second, the most efficient health care system in the world is medicare. private insurance can't compete with medicare seniors are happy with medicare, the fixes the obamacare made, why not have the insurance company compete? neil: what if they can't compete? the idea behind this was to bolster competition to keep premiums down we have seen them rocking so what is to stop people from saying fully once,
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don't fully twice? >> going to needs, everybody knows obamacare needs a fix, that is what bill clinton said, as a political matter let's look at the discussion we had. on the conservative side, we need to offer something better, need to explain how we are going to fix it. brad was talking about hillary clinton has a public option. and he had an answer. it is not her fault but the republican campaign hasn't come up with an answer. house republicans have come up with something, and that is the problem republican face in terms of trying to fix the system. neil: the frustration out there, people might not want to hear how to fix it but they know they are paying through the nose, is that more leery of big government initiatives?
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we are all caught up in other issues that seem to get more traction, and emails, this gets cast aside. >> we should be focused more on issues on the electoral cycle and healthcare, dissatisfied with what they have seen with broken promises and canceled plans. and higher deductibles, we have to solve the problem, conservatives for years offered different proposals that have the same principles in mind, details may differ but they want to unlink employment and offer universal tax credit and deductions for health insurance, rain in government spending, rain in the government's role in health insurance, bolster competition in the private sector. when you have government competing, ultimately it would become the only option. that is not the healthcare system we need in america.
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neil: i want to thank you for that. i want to update you, politicians all over the country right now campaigning on behalf of their green ticket. the vice presidential debate, president obama, and the approaching hurricane matthew storm, we don't know when that has been rescheduled but in that neck of the woods polls show hillary clinton turned the state around, slight lead whether barack obama reschedules this very soon, the first hurricane related event is put off. i trust there will be others and a discussion about donald trump's taxes tonight, pressure on mike pence to make virtue of what democrats have said.
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the site of the vice presidential debate, you are watching foxbusiness.
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stuart: bill clinton is speaking in ohio, some got to this about the comments about the healthcare laws, all the hoops you have to go to, now he is telling the audience it has done a world of good and think someone caught up with him, not
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sure you meant to see what you said. and troubles and missteps, and we shall see. and with hillary clinton, the approaching hurricane matthew storm, we will keep you posted and if and when it will be reschedules. we are getting ready for the vice presidential debate, these candidates respecting number 2 with higher approval ratings through respective number ones, talking about those number ones and those taxes, steve moore is a top economic surrogate. and how big an issue is this going to be, and the way he
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should have responded to this from the outset. whatever problems then, others use the bankruptcy codes to turn things around and coming back, i am an example of that. if he can do that it is off to the races, if he can he is in trouble. >> to the bill clinton comment about healthcare, reminded me a couple months ago bill clinton gave a speech, and the last eight years how awful way have been. stuart: a subliminal statement. >> it gets to this point this rivalry between the obamas and clintons, and it has been --
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obamacare not working very well. and it is backfiring against the new york times or hillary clinton. and it turns out there is nothing there, a $900 cash right off, and income taxes over the last 18 years a complete supposition -- neil: you know what he did? >> one of the things he needs to say is not withstanding income taxes, and payroll taxes, for thousands of employees, he has billions of dollars of taxes when you include the estate taxes someone of his financial success would have to pay. it is not only income tax --
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neil: what people are beginning to discern this. and if this is a successful businessman, you and i know, and come back of we judged it on the basis of a loss, and if you dropped gm, and dropped so many others. the sixth one is donald trump's name on it. >> a lot of calls from farmers and ranchers, the best farmers in the world, you have a bad crop you have losses and don't make money that year and have to make that loss with more profit years later and it is a standard feature of the tax system that
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if you have losses one year you offset those against the game and pink goodness you do, we have small businesses in this country. it is a learning moment how the tax system works. neil: i don't want to rush you but he could have avoided this by getting these returns out earlier, having the heated debate earlier and talking about stuff that matters now. >> this is the whole point, isn't it? liberals are upset he has to release his tax return so they are assigning him guilt. he didn't pay taxes. i would never at this point no way donald trump released tax returns. you saw that stack of paper, you would have the media obsessing over this two weeks, not talking about the economy, jobs, terrorism, it would be complete
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distraction at this point. neil: i have a feeling it comes up in this debate, thank you. very big economic financial confident of donald trump. we have a lot more coming up including the latest on the fallout hillary clinton is getting for the famous calling bernie sanders supporters and their parents basement and stuck being teresas. kind of the just of how she framed it. a lot of those sanders supporters have been on this show, still smarting from those remarks. how her running mate tries to set things right with bernie sanders and company after this.
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neil: welcome back, neil cavuto here, longwood university tried to get a shot at a presidential debate in the middle of nowhere but they put themselves on the map with a big renovation and all the high-tech innovations you will need and they are doing this. they are ready for the vp candidate to strut their stuff, and a big audience giving the interests in this period, unlikely to top this 84 million or so presidential debate of the season. i want a good record for vp debates, joe biden in 2008, anyone's guess, they will be competing with a play in game, toronto blue jay's and orioles, there is a little competition from that and it is all about gauging the interest for the time being. a lot of things we are focusing
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on right now have to do with expectations and the game of expectations and how those candidates handle those expectations. going into this debate after the presidential debate we quickly saw how the sentiment changed, donald trump and hillary clinton went into that race even in the polls or thereabouts and a week later, and donald trump trailing hillary clinton in the polls, it is a reminder how very quickly it could change. doug show in joining us, i would be remiss if i didn't mention your old boss and his comments about the healthcare law, it is in the eyes -- you clarified a remark in ohio a few minutes ago but it is a mess. is that going to come back to bite him? >> i think it already has.
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he is not running secretary clinton, she made it clear she believe there needs to be major fixes to the affordable care act though she did not call it the craziest thing she had ever seen. neil: she doesn't talk about it. >> it is not popular and if i was advising her i would tell her not to talk about it either. it is not to say about popular things. neil: if it comes out in the vp debate, look what bill clinton just said about the healthcare law and higher premiums, tens of millions of americans are paying, how does he respond to that? >> pretty easily, secretary clinton made it clear the affordable care act has expanded coverage, there needs to be some
12:28 pm
fixes to the law, she proposed a public option as one alternative to offer more competition. i don't think it will be a big deal but clearly secretary clinton had her way, bill clinton would not have said about the affordable care act. neil: any expectations for this vpd bait? how do these fair? >> if this moves the needle i will be very surprised. the most memorable debate i remember is when lloyd benson debated dan quayle and said i knew john kennedy, you knew jack kennedy didn't move the numbers at all. i am hard-pressed to think of a vice presidential debate the changes opinions so. the big deal and the main event is sunday night and the next
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chance donald trump will have to undo the mistakes he arguably made in the last week or so. neil: we are in farmville, and play along with a sense of urgency and nation on the brink, it would help me. >> if there is a mistake, we have skilled politicians of tim kane or mike pence if there is a mistake, from secretary clinton's momentum or make it tougher for donald trump to come back but i would say it is important when candidates debate, that is part of the democratic process, i don't think it will change the numbers but there are two goals of democracy, informing the public
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and changing attitudes. maybe we will have a substantive debate. neil: making his last appearance with us, doug show in, thanks. >> thanks for the prior -- neil: all those, they were great. thank you. on the big debate, giving us insight into that. this obamacare thing, bill clinton was trashing it before dialing it back a little bit. what is going to happen? how big an issue will that be tonight? i want you to meet the virginia republican congressman who is trying to change this law. has a better idea that he thinks should satisfy everyone who is ticked off. bill clinton continues in athens, ohio. we have more after this. you can run an errand.
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(announcer vo) you can go straight home. (howard stern on radio) welcome to show business. (announcer vo) or you can hear the rest of howard. bababooey! (announcer vo) sorry, confused neighbors, howard's on. siriusxm. road happy. neil: all right here welcome, everybody. despite not late friend had to say, you could cut the tension with a knife on this
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presidential debate. i know what you're thinking. these are the sites presidential candidates. doug schon said is rarely if ever moves the needle. okay, but it could. it could especially when things like this happen. this is a classic case. we see that in politics all the time our politicians have to dial from them back. bill clinton last night talking about the affordable care i peer listen not. >> you've got this crazy system for 25 million more people have held their and then the people sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with their premiums doubled in their coverage cut in half. the craziest thing in the world. straight into someone's got to bill clinton because today in athens, ohio, a few minutes ago, a slightly different bill clinton take on the same health care law. listen.
12:36 pm
>> the affordable health care at exist and in the efforts to repeal the republicans in the state were a terrible mistake. for the first time in our history to providing insurance to more than 100% of our people. neil: said the good outweighs the bad fields will focus on what he says last night. focused on the benefits i race today. bill clinton wouldn't be the first politician is had politician is headed i'll send him back in the course of the campaign to clarify the remarks. congressman dave pratt, republican from this fine state joins us right now. congressman, what do you make of that, sounds a lot like a peer to >> good to be with you. bill clinton doesn't want to be in the white house for four years. he's a genius. he doesn't make mistakes. i don't think you want to be stuck in the white house. that's a natural outcome when you lose the free market system for one of your economy. he said exactly what you get. karl marx, and i did my phd in
12:37 pm
economics. now under obamacare the left has learned you don't need to own it. you can regulate won six of the economy and the rest of it with the regulatory overreach of obama and has been phenomenal. the average person is not happy. this is a changed election. things are rolling our way. neil: you came to power, people didn't realize how revolutionary it was when he toppled eric cantor, a prominent republican leader in the house on the notion that the party itself had given up inside on reining in government access be a if you were governor pens to make a mistake on behalf of donald trump and what you're going to do about runaway spending, big loaded spending, what would you tell them to do? >> i was with him last night at a rally. i gave him a little. i looked up to virginia staff.
12:38 pm
senator tim kaine, nice guy, but his business score 17 out of 100. minus 100 out of a hundred. parents would be in a hundred range. our site once free markets. senator tim cabell say he's an entrepreneur, moderate, pro-business, et cetera appeared 17 is not pro-business. neil: i've heard his popularity in the state. obviously we've got a lot of cachet with that. hillary clinton is up in the polls here. what do you think is going on? >> is a nice guy. likability doesn't matter. when you got a 17 menu over regulate the economy is that the fiduciary role, the overtime rule, the dodd-frank rule, obamacare regulations, small business is getting crashed. that is what matters. the tide is turning on this thing. these political stories, our site at the republican press has
12:39 pm
stockholm syndrome talking about donald trump's taxes. it's irrelevant in comparison. the clintons are worth 100 million has never been in business. that the question. $2 billion to the clinton foundation and they've never been in business. neil: were you surprised trump hasn't responded that way? he got close to it in a speech yesterday. by and large he doesn't effectively counterpunch. >> he gets ticked off that the lives and so it takes a day or two. the mainland's coming out when you've got $2 billion for the foundation and 10% does into charities. limit yourself with $250,000 speeches on wall street regularly to 100 million without ever been in business and they've been in political life their whole lives. that's the choice. you want more federal government or last?
12:40 pm
that's the debate. a foreign-policy strong or the middle east blowing up and you want to get run over with russia and china and all the rest of the countries we're dealing with. neil: we will see if the lease their running mates can get to that debate tonight. thank you very much. good seeing you again. we do want to let you know we are focusing on market developments including new rumors about deutsche bank. completely out of the woods. two words, think again. by this, this little kid, oops, and this obstetrician, who works across the street from this man, who creates software. they all have insurance crafted personally for them. not just coverage, craftsmanship. not just insured. chubb insured.
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>> i am nicole petallides with their fox business brief. moving just over 100 points top to bottom. at this moment the dow is down 23-point. the s&p 500 down, too. the nasdaq with slight gains of four. to make the vice presidential debate and later in the weekly jobs report. oil front and center of four days in a row. up again the fifth day in a row currently at 4898 and yesterday up over 9%. hurricane matthew threatening many oil nations including buckeye partners. the bahamas and shipping in the caribbean. you can see a mixed bag there for those names in southern exposure for the insurance, those that have the southeast ast name such as universal, united. those are down.
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12:45 pm
meltdown in 2008. it looks like they will be in the range of $45 billion. that's a lot but it's not uppers of $14 billion supposedly the justice department was lucky not earlier. it would mean it's less money to put out there and affect on a cash cushion everything hits the fan. germany and more to the point with deutsche bank it might give it a little bit of reading. even with the $45 billion, that's still a big check to write an deutsche is hardly out of the woods. stock is picking up on the news. we will keep you posted. a billionaire, multibillionaire. also a very nice guy. the rap against a lot of donald trump in the past and in the
12:46 pm
first debate is that he did. trump was saying because they didn't do the job they were not for the job and he was a demanding boss. that should be welcome and a president who would be gardening your tax money. john paul with us right now. would you make of the argument trump made? >> i get this kind of a weak one. one of the things i think would be interesting if the people he didn't pay was that around the same time when it took a huge loss of his income taxed. could it be he didn't have the money to pay them. neil: did you ever not pay a contractor? did you ever not pay a worker? >> now. i pay people and time. no, absolutely not. you've got to pay people. neil: he's sane they do a lousy job.
12:47 pm
>> if they did a lousy job come you chat with them a little, negotiate but the job is worth it you don't totally stiffed them. that's not the thing to do. if they did a lousy job come and sit down and talk about it and get an arbitrator. that is running a business. i think that one is a little questionable. neil: john paul, one of the things i've run into is people tend to not really can't get time into business issues try as i might for the past. there are some who resist. a lot of people who figure almost a billion dollars in losses. comments like that makes me smart. comments like i have stiffed contractors or whatever. is he giving capitalism a bad name or factors they say that's just the kind of guy you want as president. he's going to aggressively police money. >> exactly. very good.
12:48 pm
when you look at the entire situation politics. with all due respect now, hillary trump could be controlled with congress for example, i pay millions in taxes every year and take every right as i can but i still paid millions upon millions of taxes every year. if somebody had major loss and was able to take the major loss legally as a write off i don't see anything wrong with that because he legally had a loss and he legally took it. i don't know whether he paid the taxes over those years in question between then and now that he should pay taxes on property and many other things. i don't think it's a big issue. the democrats are all good guys, right? what are these different -- i look at hillary's tax plan.
12:49 pm
i can't believe it. it is workable. his plan -- neil: who are you voting for? >> right now i was offered gary johnson johnson but i don't know over it now. when i look at is who's going to end up. i don't like the other person because they'll take away the american dream from a lot of people. can you imagine working your whole life pay enough kinds of taxes and they take 60% of all the money to your children after you pay those taxes? that's crazy. they are trying to keep away from that. raising taxes are wrong. approximately 44%. it's 48% -- as federal. sir taxes for wealthy folks like yourself. very good and well laid out.
12:50 pm
thank you, my friend. very successful capital. very nice guy, too. it is fair to say if you've been looking across the media, online, offline newspapers, this has not been a very good week for donald trump. how he responds in what he is doing now and how it starts with his running mates tonight after this. looking for a medicare prescription drug plan
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12:54 pm
someone who was there. former private star, aaron ulmer, aaron ulmer joins us in new york city. very good to have you. >> great to be with you. neil: you've heard some of these stories, claiming -- i don't know where that goes around, but did you ever encounter anything like that? >> i did encounter anything. you've got to consider the source did these are the players have their own political agendas and i saw nothing like that. i was treated with dignity and respect him and respect in at the college and professional. donald trumbo play so many women not only on the apprentice but in his campaign and also to say he treats anything -- women like anything that's less than respect is ridiculous. neil: aaron, what was his interaction with folks on the show, male or female? was he involved in the process? what was that?
12:55 pm
>> he was very involved with us at certain times. he would check on us to rejoin a task. we spend a lot of time in the boardroom discussing tasks and if we were lucky enough to win he would come with us on her victory party. he didn't have a good read of interaction but everything was on camera in terms of video. he was being professional. everything on the up and not. everything in a one-on-one situation in a small room. it was a television situation. very professional. neil: so in a week and then the issues and these issues that,, charges you seem to think are not -- our u.s.a. women urging other women to back then. he has trouble with those numbers. when you tell them? >> if elected the clinton foundation has received a lot of their donations.
12:56 pm
algeria, saudi arabia. does how they track record. the clinton foundation says sure. come on over and give me your money. he said the clintons care about women as an absolutely horrible assertion. that speaks volumes in and of itself. neil: if he lost, you think he goes back to all of these shows. bygones are bygones, back to the business. >> with got to get donald junior elected to mayor of new york city. that's our next mission. neil: that's very, very interesting. aaron ulmer, thank you very much. >> thank you. always a pleasure. all eyes on virginia and the big vice presidential debate. right now they beat the numbers start with sarah palin eight years ago. about 70 million tuned in. there is an issue of a playoff
12:57 pm
game they are competing with. but again they are confident they could bust those numbers this week. [ beep ] but you'll be glad to see it here. fidelity -- where smarter investors wi always be. if only the signs were as obvious when you trade. fidelity's active trader pro can help you find smarter entry and exit points and can help protect your potential profits. fidelity -- where smarter investors will always be.
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neil: welcome back, everybody. this whole dustup over the health care thing and whether it was worth the trouble. bill clinton raised that if a prospect that there were a number of problems that popped up then he had to dial that back in a speech just a few minutes ago. hillary clinton way even saying there are things that have to be fixed. the audio very soon. it is trying to change the issues that might come up in the debate tonight on the ticket at
1:01 pm
the university here. dr. ben carson. >> thank you, neil. neil: duvets this in the campaign and were intimately aware and working on the frontlines of health care, the limitations of this, problems associated with this. bill clinton tried to doubt us back to say the fact of the matter is we had a million signed up with health care and we are going to fix the stuff that is not right. all these critics can take a chill pill. you say what? >> i say it is quite refreshing although it was only momentary to hear bill clinton telling the truth on this matter. the fact of the matter is to rob peter to pay paul doesn't make any sense. to penalize millions of people in the middle class so that you can give health care to the
1:02 pm
indigent doesn't make any sense. you have to have a system that works for everybody. as i've said many times before, you know, there's plenty of money already being used for health care. twice as much per capita as many other nations that have much better access. it is the system that is errant and that is why we needed to assist them. donald trump is proposing a different system in which we take it managed of health empowerment accounts putting decision-making in patients and health care providers. if we bring them into the free market that is where you control price and quality. there is no incentive. neil: what is the republican view on this? do you think people should be
1:03 pm
covered for preexisting conditions? >> absolutely. if we are humanitarian people, of course we should take care of preexisting conditions but we have a perfectly good mechanism for doing that if we use our brains and stop putting health care into the political arena. neil: they come back the democrats say well, until the affordable care act came along, we had no such protections in place. now we do. that alone justifies the expense. >> i agree. i was talking about that long before obamacare came along. if you go back and read my books in 1999 i was talking about the need to take care of those kinds of issues. it hasn't been taken care of. kudos where kudos are due. it did get taken care of, but at what cost. one of the problems with obamacare is the republicans were excluded. they were locked out.
1:04 pm
he really didn't have an opportunity to have these discussions. this is something that affects all of us. why can we sit down together and work out something that works for the american people and not for some political party. neil: do you think republicans should give it our right on this and say it all those millions are not hard voters. i've been very crass here. i did talk to strategists who said pretty much back. they are not going to be run into the republican candidate. focus on those who assuredly higher premiums. >> well, i may vary with a lot of people in this sense i don't think what we do should be democrat or republican. it should be american. do we have an obligation morally to take care of our people? absolutely.
1:05 pm
it is something in the constitution or the bill of rights? no it is not that we are compassionate people and we have the ability to do it. if we didn't have the ability to do it that would be a different story altogether but we do. we have the ability to ramp up our economy so easily. they say this is the new normal. there is nothing normal about this. from 1850 to 2000 week or an average rate of 3.3%. now this half that of us. it is not normal. these regulations, the taxis and have killed the entrepreneurial spirit. neil: you think we grow at a stronger click than a 4% annual growth goal or that will solve a lot of problems, health care included? >> you will. absolutely well and it can. and it makes sense. there is historical precedent for it. neil: dr. ben carson, thank you.
1:06 pm
>> thank you, neil. neil: we've also been covering the $900 million loss back in 1995 and maybe the loss resulted in not paying any taxes at all even after now. we don't have those that would be perfectly legal if we didn't but not so much the legality of these things as much as outputs to a lot of folks and a lot of folks and a lot of folks it doesn't look good. the former howard dean -- scott shalit e., overall great investment to root. now sort of way these issues in the market and of course our own trish regan of the hit show intelligence report. trish, we will begin with you. we all know businesses of a lot of money. they have their bad years. cisco, general motors, caterpillar, sometimes losses
1:07 pm
for donald trump. they remain viable enterprises. the difference is that name is donald trump. should that make a difference simply because he's running for president? >> no. i think he declared bankruptcy for times, but as someone who covers the industry i don't think i necessarily entirely fault him for that. there was a lot of restructuring could happen at the time talking about some high yield instruments that were worth restructuring. certainly from his dead his name is on the product. it makes it a little tougher. reality at the end of the day you're running a business thenae business. let's also not forget that entrepreneurs take a lot of risk. you will not be successful in this country and make it to the tip of the top if you are not willing to take some hits along the way.
1:08 pm
bankruptcy for him anyway has been part of those head. what is remarkable, he's emerged stronger for them altogether. neil: scott shellady, would you make of that not taking political sides but if he was on the brink in 1995, he's got a thriving empire now that fortune magazine conservatively estimate that $3.79. would you make of that? the troubles are over with now. >> whatever his troubles were, he was able to use the tax code to get to where he is today. think about all the people that have benefited along the way. hillary clinton's words of what type of a genius loses a billion dollars a year. i would like to turn back to her and say what type of a genius has the ability to lose a billion dollars a year and still be here today. that's the important part. a large part is taxes you can still get back on your feet.
1:09 pm
to put it simply if he lost a million dollars one year and the next are you lost 1.5 million, are you expected to pay taxes on 1.5 million because that would situate of taxes again. that is how this works. if not, and -- is common for a traitor to do that as well. we continue to employ people and keep businesses alive. neil: what you make of the of trump's reluctance to release his tax forms, but having a big loss, but is not hidden. these other examples maybe they are all not running for president, but if you substitute the name donald trump was cisco, apple, some of these companies i mentioned. >> those companies are public and release stuff. we don't know if banks reduce those bosses that he carried forward. if they did and his future, did
1:10 pm
he record back and take less or not? there's all kinds of problems that could be answered completely and on the up and up. neil: let me ask about this demeanor part of it. as we need an sop on these issues in washington, let's say no one is advocating not, but if he is overseen the public's money, the public would relish that. >> is a couple things wrong with this, too. his tax reform plan reducing the estate tax would reduce billions more. neil: assuming he's doing it for himself. >> this is where the clinton campaign is going to come at him. the other thing frankly is he hasn't put forward any cuts in spending on any of the democrats. so neither party has got clean hands in terms of pay, count on me. i'll be tough with bureaucracy
1:11 pm
and cut back on spending. he hasn't done that. neil: it has not been a good couple of weeks for capitalists at the wells fargo ceo getting grilled over the peppy pad nonsense. these pictures, the vignettes give people the notion that maybe they are cd. you and i have covered many or many more of the exception than the rule. they reinforce an image of distress. >> i would actually say donald trump can turn this on its heels because he is the antiestablishment candidate. one of the reasons they were able to get away with what it got away with was because it had the backing of the u.s. government and a huge contract with public schools. what do you know, shortly after upset price significantly. it's a lot of lobbying money to get that contract. if i'm donald trump, i say you know what, this is the system at work.
1:12 pm
wells fargo is none other than hillary clinton backer. warren buffett. so he needs to turn the story around and get back. neil: scott, real quickly, the markets are factoring in a hillary clinton win. every time it looks closer to donald trump may sell out. why is that? >> because it's an unknown. remember what we had have been was one heck of a sell out fair. look how well they are doing as well. a lot of similarities between the british accent and donald trump will continue on for the next 30 days. i still say this. we are on a project during what barack obama and hillary clinton with the economy to not win. this is heading towards the ground. we have a candidate here that my polis out of the spiral. we don't know for sure, but we have a chance of some sort of
1:13 pm
fiscal reform and that's what i think the guys behind them will tell you as well. neil: i want to thank you all. i apologize. great job all. number one economic ises tonight. in the meantime, in case you vote based on who newspapers endorsing your donald trump will either, he doesn't have any big newspaper endorsements. is that a good read that thing? why donald trump is making a virtue of it. you can run an errand. (music playing) ♪ push it real good... (announcer vo) or you can take a joyride.
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neil: we are getting some rather shocking news that last year the program would enable it to search all users incoming e-mail for u.s. intelligence. we don't know whether that was at the request of u.s. intelligence, whether this was tied to an attack. keep in mind in 2015 we had the multiplen belgium. on elsewhere in africa and the middle east. bottom line is we are learning now that yahoo! had got it scanned not just some users e-mail, all of it. we will keep you posted on that. right now investors are concerned about it. the stock is at. the more you skin, the more you sort. we are focusing us on another development ahead of the vice presidential debate. the big newspaper endorsement.
1:18 pm
the predictable ones that go to hillary clinton are usually big, left-leaning newspapers. sam goody gary johnson at the "chicago tribune." donald trump, none. none of the big major newspapers are endorsing him and that's a little weird. that is a political plus or minus. he is the new york washington bureau chief. what you think of that? >> it is strange. so we could use it to her advantage but donald trump could as well. the media elites as has died, even though i don't think he's quite tied into the newspaper endorsement brought it across the finish line. if he uses it to his advantage, there is a wide opening there for him to go for it and say media elites want me all gone and here i am fighting back for you the pele and you the subscribers. neil: get a newspaper endorsements guarantees a win.
1:19 pm
it didn't happen to walter mondale who lost in a landslide. john k-6 this year, the majority of the newspapers never got the nomination. >> i think it helps in the sense that it can continue to make the message. donald trump is unfit, a sort of runs at home and these people don't want me a threat to them. their definition that is sufficiently where they want this overthrown. neil: and i don't like to trash of the newspapers, but did you find "usa today"'s approach to this even weirder, just making it clear we don't like donald trump? they never broke the 30 plus year history of no endorsements. they just went out of their way to say not this guy.
1:20 pm
>> say we are going to vote or if you're going to do that. that is fine. i don't think anybody's going to fault newspaper for making endorsement. neil: stick to it. >> either stick to it or pick a side rather than in a couple years still attack hillary clinton. if you look at wins and nobody can blame you for hillary clinton being elected. make a point. make a strong argument for your candidate. >> you are very excited. you were telling me during the break probably the most riveting to be assisting in american history some night. >> something like that. generic republican versus generic democrat. no offense to these candidates but nobody knows who these people are. neil: more vanilla than macadamia nut.
1:21 pm
>> it is a high level surrogate meeting the two campaigns. by the way, that is how people i've spoken to work in a candidate, that is how they are looking at it. they are working to represent donald trump and argue for donald trump. >> password file in a forest. >> neil is fantastic. of course you should tune in. neil: thank you, buddy. he's the brainiac. it is, as you said going to be riveting. the fallout from what happens in here and whether there's added press around these guys to sort of pound issues for the top of the ticket. you know, both of them have high approval ratings at the top of the ticket. the first time we've seen that from both tickets like in forever. after this.
1:22 pm
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1:25 pm
>> one of the nation's biggest banks bowl again thousands of employees into committing fraud against unsuspecting customers. we are not going to let corporations like wells fargo use these fine print.yes to escape accountability. neil: albright, charlie gasparino saw that. capitalism here, but dragging wells fargo into it. what do you make of all of this? >> the fine print she's talking about while her husband was president for many years there were clauses in people's contracts that eventually when they deal with the brokerage firm or bank, for example, if you have a problem you have to go to arbitration a supposedi'm.
1:26 pm
i'm just telling you it just really shows how she'sacking and trying to use is going on at wells fargo. this is a legitimately bad issue, charging people for accounts they did not create even though the numbers of small. credit card accounts or checking accounts. let's be real clear here. two issues here which make this hyper political. number one this existed while her husband was president and he did nothing to change the mandatory arbitration issue. number two, guess who the largest shareholder of wells fargo is right now. it is warren buffett. warren buffett is the billionaire investor, one of her biggest supporters. you heard. that a lot of warren buffett. his name came up during the hearing i was at. you've heard very little about him on this issue. you would expect the secretary of state and may be hillary
1:27 pm
clinton to go and mention that warren buffett, her friend the big liberal that he is is a big shareholder of wells fargo and she's going right to the biggest shareholder in getting him to change the arbitration clause. but she didn't say that. i think there's a lot of liberal hypocrisy. yes there's some bad stuff going on right now. you could be hillary clinton used this issue as a political issue for class warfare or whatever. call it straight. your guy. warren buffett right now is raising money for hillary clinton. for while i know, after hillary clinton made those remarks, shares of wells fargo went down. he might've went back to my son. i don't know. we do have a call to see if he did that or what he stood with his position. neil: is that it's going to talk about this after the election? >> he told liz claman he was privately admonishing mr. john
1:28 pm
stump, ceo of wells fargo. add more comments after the election. when it's occurring right now. neil: all right, buddy. it is weird. thank you very much. our charlie gasparino. bringing you up-to-date on hurricane matthew. they are getting ready in making preparations to get three ships underway to help release in the caribbean. the aircraft carrier but the amphibious transport among others that are making their way there to help residents in the affected area deal with this. it's irony done a great deal and it still a category four storm. what we are looking at right now. >> certainly hate he is going to be the worst country that does not the financial infrastructure
1:29 pm
and the infrastructure in the property and buildings to withstand a category four hurricane at all. the western tip of the defensive, port-au-prince. some of these to get about 40 inches of rain across mountainous terrain double cause a lot of mudslides, a lot of landslide in massive flooding as well. we'll see an additional 10 to 20 inches of rain from what is already falling here this is the rainfall forecasts. this is what the track is going to do and we expect to see the storm tear up all of the bahamas. here is where we are now. it cuts over the eastern tip of cuba right there and then you get the idea it takes its turn all of the bahamas on the action here. we have hurricane warnings in effect except the far southeastern island. we now have watches in effect to the boca and we will be watching potentially hurricane right off
1:30 pm
the shore here of florida into the carolinas over the next few days you much everybody in the eastern seaboard is to watch this very carefully. neil: is expected to pick up steam again once it leaves the greater corinthian? >> the waters there are abnormally warm. they are at record levels and it will get plenty of fuel to strengthen back. whatever destruction it had over the mountainous terrain of haiti of a likely strengthen again over the bahamas. neil: thank you very much. the latest on hurricane matthew. we do want to let you know that there are two candidates participating in this debate. there'll be no running mates. certainly that is a blow to the libertarian ticket and one libertarian candidate who is upset about not being invited to the presidential debate, not being invited to the vice presidential debate.
1:31 pm
the former libertarian candidate to kind of gets that rodney dangerfield i get no respect fan. -- thing
1:32 pm
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>> thank you. can i call you joe? neil: all right, can i call you joe? that was start of the vice-presidential debate in 2008 feature sarah palin. big reason why it was most watched vp debate in american history. 70 million people tuned in to watcthat one. keep in mind the record holder for all presidential debates was just last week, with donald trump and hillary clinton, better than 84 million. but as vp debates go, we have not come close to that record of joe biden and sarah palin but you never know. you never know what could happen. so much interest in this race, it could be lifted up a little bit. but i understand you're competing with, i don't know how the playoffs go but it is a play-in? play-in, no? any way, orioles, thanks a lot for helping me. orioles and toronto bluejays, they're playing a fame to establish who is wildcard team,
1:36 pm
right? they play, for god's sakes, that is -- keep up with me. but that's what they're expecting. there will be no third party candidate just as there was no third party candidate for presidential debate. that hurts them trying to get exposure, can lift it if one or other is on the stage. jim gray knows the feeling, 2012 vice-presidential nominee. bill weld is that nominee this go round. he will not get to an opportunity to be on the stage. jim that hurts, doesn't it, that you don't get a chance to be up there? there are big numbers for the debate, right? >> of course, neil. it is viability that the people won't donate money to candidacies if you don't have a chance of winning. if you're not in the debates, as governor gary johnson says the super bowl of politics, that is real tragedy. it is fraud of american voters
1:37 pm
not only ours, but league of women voters frozen out of this process left with comment of the presidential debates commission completely controlled by republicans and democrats saying we will not perpetuate this fraud on american voters and hoodwinking of america precisely going on still to this day. neil: so they say that you would have been invited to the party, that is third party candidates if you achieved 15% or better in the polls. no one is close to that outside of the two parties. and that's their explanation. you say what? >> well, it is arbitrary and rigged. they know full well we're not carried in most polls. how can you poll 15% if you're not the poll? neil: that's a very good point. >> that just doesn't work. the criterion for league of women voters any political party on enough ballots in enough states technically to win presidency is serious campaign and should be heard. they were frozen out of course, by the presidential debates commission which they call
1:38 pm
themselves a bipartisan group which of course they are. not non-partisan, not multipartisan. neil, you know this, it's a question of power, it is a question of money. it is a question of control. why should we as democrats and republicans share the stage with somebody that might take vote away from us? in fact we will take votes away from them. neil: or divide the attention. >> absolutely. neil: are you surprised, did gary johnson hurt himself and inroads he made in the polls with famous aleppo remarks and later on couldn't state a world leader he didn't like? we all do that, but might have hurt the momentum, that's all i'm talking about momentum? >> the answer is yes, you know. in politics as you know, reality is irrelevant. just people's perception of reality that counts but, give him a break. he is the one on the firing line. what is aleppo really? it came out of nowhere. is that like a new leopard. is that somebody with leprosy,
1:39 pm
that is going through his mind. it is just between you and me, neil, i can confess maybe governor gary johnson is not always the best candidate, certainly not the best politician but he would always be the best president, showed that in fire in new mexico. reelected by a very large majority as republican governor in democratic state. bill weld as republican candidate and governor in a democratic state was reelected by a larger march bin of victory than any governor in the history of the massachusetts. they're real condition dates and they should have that stage. they woken because the republicans control this rigged system. you know it, we know it, unfortunately the voters don't. they don't know they're defrauded by not having governor bill weld on the stage when they have this vice-presidential debate. it is really an atrocity. neil: jim gray, always speaking your mind. appreciate that, sir. thank you very much. >> i'm not rodney dangerfield. let's get that straight.
1:40 pm
neil: well, close, close. you have a sense of humor. jim, thank you very, very much. i appreciate that. all right, we're getting first iranian hostage now taking advantage of this new law that allows americans to sue foreign governments. the read from a former hostage on his likely success or lack thereof after this. ♪ across new york state, from long island to buffalo, from rochester to the hudson valley, from albany to utica, creative business incentives, infrastructure investment, university partnerships, and the lowest taxes in decades are creating a stronger economy and the right environment in new york state for business to thrive. let us help grow your company's tomorrow- today
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>> i'm ashley webster with the fox business brief. continuing to follow the story on reports that yahoo! last year secretly built a custom software program that was used to search all of yahoo!'s members incoming emails, hundreds of millions of them, at the behest of the u.s. government, in particular the national security agency and the fbi. the statement that we've had from yahoo! in the wake of this story breaking, the statement says, yahoo! is a law-abiding company and complies with the laws of the united states. as for the stock, it hasn't had much impact. yahoo!'s stock essentially flat this afternoon. meanwhile the dow itself starting to lose ground. we have a strong dollar. the dow up 100 points. s&p and nasdaq also down a quarter to half of a percent. more from neil in virginia after
1:43 pm
1:44 pm
neil: ransom deal, however you want to describe it last year, looking at suing iran for all
1:45 pm
these years of captivity. now the issue is whether he can get a sovereign government to pay out for all the pain and suffering. you would think with the 9/11 victims fund in this case allows family members of those who died on 9/11 to sue saudi arabia would have currency here. but former iranian hostage, don cook, held 144 days back at the time of the carter years and the hostage crisis that ended on ronald reagan's inauguration day, joining me now. don, very good to have you. >> good to be with you. neil: what are the odds you think that some is one can succeed in court when they are suing a foreign government? >> actually the relation with the new law, the justice against state sponsors of terrorism act, specifically excludes jason rezaian because jasta only applies for terrorist acts
1:46 pm
committed in the united states. fortunately for jason there were amendments to the foreign sovereign immunity act 20 years ago, in the late '90s which permitted filing lawsuits against state sponsors of terrorism, and iran has been a state sponsor of terrorism for just about that long. and so he's able to sue under a previous amendment to the foreign sovereigns immunity act. there have been any number of successful lawsuits under those provisions as you point out. the real problem is collecting. now about a year ago there was a fund set up in a law, as part of the defense department authorization act. so if he get as legal judgment, he can actually now go to the u.s. victims of state sponsors of terrorism fund, and at least, in terms of financial damages, he can collect the money from there.
1:47 pm
as far as punitive damages, those are usually excluded from these kinds of negotiated and these kinds of funds. neil: so he might have an uphill fight. jason rezaian, of course "the washington post" reporter held hostage for years. the others released, pastor and some others might feel similarly inclined to sue, it is an up hill battle. when you were in iran all that time, emotions that you would be released, not released and failed rescue mission, and how did you deal with that and upon coming out, how do you look at iran today? >> well i was going to say that the difference that we have with mr. rezaian's case was that we at least were being held with colleagues and so, as the embassy group and being with the other people who were in the embassy, we had the support from each other. so, that was a real plus. now he was able to visit with family members on occasion, but
1:48 pm
it was fairly rare for him. and clearly his treatment was, was a bit more difficult than ours. i mean anybody being held prisoner anywhere is suffering. but, as i say, for us, i think that it was the colleagues and comradery that was able to bring a lot of us through that situation. as far as iran is now, when i came out people asked me when we were going to have relations again with iranians? and my reaction was this was going to be a generation, it was going to require a generational shift on the part of iran much like the generational shift that we saw in china after world war ii. we had 30 years of communist china. eventually the chinese -- neil: do you think we have that shift now? >> no. clearly not. clearly the iranian government is not interested in establishing a serious
1:49 pm
relationship with the united states. neil: all right. >> they're still playing an adversarial game with us and i think that to the extent we do not recognize that, we are, we're going to fall behind in that. neil: all right. don cook, you kept your life together after all that. i don't know how it is possible but you did it. former iranian hostage. don, good to see you, thank you very much. >> good to see you back, neil. neil: thank you very much. scott brown made political history when he got ted kennedy's old senate seat. curt schilling came along would like to repeat what scott brown did. what are his odds? we thought we would talk to scott brown. he's next.
1:50 pm
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call unitedhealthcare or go online now. ♪ neil: this -- issue where you might challenge elizabeth warren, are you really serious about that? >> oh, i'm serious about it. i'm thinking about it. one of the things about a senator need to understand, the senator takes constituents concerns to d.c. about politicking the state. senator warren is about free education, just locally there are 29 public colleges in mass. 129,000 college students that is over $3 billion a year. means to graduate a four year class in this state, you're looking at over $10 billion in new taxes. neil: bottom line that was curt shilling shilling with me earlier how he wants to take on elizabeth warren for that senate seat next year, 2018 i believe it is up.
1:54 pm
fellow used to have the seat. stunned the political world what he did, scott brown. he was taking ted kennedy's old senate seat. i can not stress enough how weird that was. not the senator, he is not a weird guy at all. very nice guy. scott brown. good to see you. >> thank you, neil. neil: you talked to shilling. >> he spoke to me over the weekend. i just texted him. he said he would be on. basically that senator warren has been there, hasn't passed one amendment, one bill. basically holds hearings and yells and screams and throw it on youtube to raise money for her and party. neil: she is rock star in the liberal world. >> i think some of that is gone. her negatives have gone on in massachusetts particularly -- neil: do you think shilling. >> i think shilling has a good shot. she claims to be part of a indian nation which she is not. shilling is part of red sox nation and he will be beloved
1:55 pm
with his effort with the bloody sock. neil: rub that until all the time. >> i do, i do. secondly, i know him. he is a great guy. they will say he is terrible at business. he lost all this money. you know what? he put up his name, his house, his personal guarranty and everything. all the money he made in his career for a business deal. it didn't go well. -- neil: rhode island taxpayers lost money. >> rhode island taxpayers took a chance. they have people to analyze the deal to make sure it is good or not. they did that. it didn't work out. neil: you're not interested in the seat? >> no, listen, i always thankful for the opportunity. my mom has alzheimer's. i'm helping take care of her. we're blessed to have her still. would i support curt in a heartbeat. i told him that. i told him i would do whatever i can to raise money. he is fantastic senator. would be man of the people. warren does nothing for massachusetts. and telling people in massachusetts they get free stuff and people work in massachusetts.
1:56 pm
neil: she had hay -day with donald trump and tax issues, if you could advise donald trump for his next debate, what would you tell him to do counter that? >> you mean again? neil: again. >> i told him he miss ad lot of softballs, a lot of easy pitches he could have hit out of the park. with regard to taxes. did he break the law? neil: he did not. if he did he should pay the consequences. but he followed the tax code like everybody else. he tried to start business and hire and grow and expand and made a bad business decision or for whatever reason it failed. he took advantage of the tax code as every other american has the right to do. the big difference he is also creating jobs. those people are paying taxes and he is paying a portion of those obviously. neil: he has to crystallize it. >> he has to crystallize it. the big difference, neil, hillary clinton sy pack taxes from kids like this at longwood university, getting paid $500 million in speeches. it is outrage just. neil: scott brown. thank you very much. fallout ahead of big debate tonight after this. u can run an.
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neil: mike pence, tim game, almost ready to rumble. that, my friends is something. trish: i love that, see you there tonight. thanks so much. another biggie tonight, here we are, 7 hours from the first and only vice presidential debate, mike pence into mccain facing off amid new controversy surrounding both candidates looking at a live picture. welcome to "the intelligence report". pence and tim kane get ready for the big debate, hillary clinton still on the attack moment ago blasting donald trump's business record and tax controversy. >> what kind of genius loses $1 billion in a single ye


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